Engineering Department

Unique manufacturing process for customers.


In order to meet our customer’s requirement for blow molding machines & peripherals, we provide manufacturing process improved with our know-how.

Our mission


◯Mechanical design
Based on our experiences over the years, we provide optimized mechanical design for blow molding machines & peripherals with consideration of our customer‘s facility case-by-case. Please feel free to contact us.
Mechanical design
◯Electrical design
We create control programs with consideration of workability and safety. Specifications may be changed according to our customer’s requirement.
Electrical design

Production and processing

By CNC Lathe and Machining Center, we manufacturing parts by machining and variety of welding and sheet metal processing.
We also correspond to prototypes and handwritten drawing.
Production and processing
Standard machining equipment

・Machining Center
・CNC Lathe
・CADCAM Systems, etc.


◯New equipment
We manufacture, sell and also provide installation of blow molding machine utilizing our special know-how in designing.
Also, we sell hydraulic equipment and ancillary facilities such as grinders and blenders, etc.
Blow molding machine
Engineering Dept.
TEL:+81-46-205-9212 FAX:+81-46-205-9530
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