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R&D to expand the infinite possibilities of plastic

Material Development,3D Design and CAE,Rapid Prototyping,Prototype Evaluation,Manufacturing Equipment,Production

Our Research and Development Division works on new technology development cooperating closely with each branch and plant based on our blow molding technology cultivated through many years.
Our range of development is not only within blow molding. We also cover a wide variety of products such as automotive parts, food containers and medical precision parts, etc. We have gained trust through long-term relationships with automotive and food manufacturers thanks to our substantial development system and technology application across the field.


Industrial Products Development Group and Container Development Group

Industrial Products Development Group and Container Development Group

Our Industrial Product Development Group develops new technologies such as foam blow molding and TBM molding for industrial products including automotive parts. Our Container Development Group develops unprecedented high-performance food containers and medical products, mainly utilizing multi-layered blow molding technology. In new product development, we handle the whole process from the selection and formulation of the molding material to the analysis and evaluation by CAE simulation, building manufacturing process and designing equipment of new products.

Test and Evaluation Group

Test and Evaluation Group

We work on development of new product and technology by cooperating with Development Groups using data measurement with various testing machines and laboratory equipment. In addition, we have established a system that can quickly respond to the requests for tests from our customers.

Work Contents

1.Material Development

In order to realize a function required for products, we select and develop materials based on the data obtained from each test equipment and our original know-how. We will propose the best material for each product.
Material Development

2.3D Design and CAE

3D image is available.
We speed up development and reduce cost with evaluation by CAE before preparing the prototype.
3D Design

3.Rapid Prototyping

We will make an actual form that our customer can take in hand with 3D printer upon request. This allows us and our customer to share the same complete image from the early stage of discussion.
Rapid Prototyping

4.Prototype and Evaluation

We will run trial manufacturing in the latest machine in our Research and Development Division with a prototype mold. We will conduct the final performance evaluation and mass productivity confirmation with the sample products manufactured in the trial, which are equivalent to the actual mass produced products.
Prototype and Evaluation

5.Design, Manufacture and Sale of Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing process is established using the production equipment manufactured and designed with our original know-how. These equipment are also available for sale.
Design, Manufacture and Sale of Manufacturing Equipment(S80K+A6 300)
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