Interested in partnering of blow molded foamed ducts for automotive?

Kyoraku’s Foamed Duct Globalization

  • Kyoraku will provide licensed technology upon partnership to globalize blow molded foamed ducts.
  • We are seeking for automotive parts suppliers interested in our product and technology.

Kyoraku’s Foamed Duct responding to the trend of auto industry

  • Mass production of Foamed Ducts realized to cover the industry’s needs for light weighting, high-insulation products.
  • Kyoraku’s Foamed Duct fits the stricter environmental regulations worldwide and the ever increasing eco-consiousness of consumers.

Past Experience

Past Experience

Introduction of Kyoraku Blow Molded Foamed Duct

Our Foamed Duct molded by “Physical Foaming” method creates fine foams providing a very smooth surface.

Introduction of Kyoraku Blow Molded Foamed Duct

Advantages of Kyoraku Foamed Duct compared to a conventional solid duct

  • Light weighted (i.e.: approx. 50% lighter compared to conventional HDPE roof duct)
  • Improved insulation (preventing condensation) with 2.5x (±0.5x) expansion ratio, fine foam(60~500μm)
  • Reduced noise (overall -3.5dB compared to conventional HDPE duct)
  • Better recyclability with less surface urethane foam for condensation prevention

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