Kyoraku Co., Ltd. was established in Kyoto in 1917 as a real estate development company.

Since entering the plastics field in 1947, we steadily expanded our business by earning excellent reputation as a pioneer of plastic products.

In recent years, we have actively engaged in increasing our international presence to further expand and strengthen our business.

Our products, which are produced using the latest technology and facilities, enjoy a high degree of user trust and as a result, we have achieved recognition as one of the leading suppliers of plastics in Japan.

Business Prospect
“Pursuit of Specialties” and “Challenge for the Better” are the two corporate principles, which we have built our business on.

Based on five decades of manufacturing experience, we supply an extensive range of highly reliable products including containers and packages for food and medicines, automotive, electrical and business machine parts, building materials, etc.

Boasting advanced technology and the latest research and development facilities, we are actively engaged in developing many special products including high-barrier multi-layer containers, soft blow bags, double-wall blow products and plastic blow products, as well as in expanding the markets for these products. In future, we will continue making our best effort to further expand our business and our contribution to society.

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