The Float System for Solar Power on the Water ”Minamo Solar System”

”Minamo Solar System” is now available!! It is a floating system for solar power on the water. Kyoraku has developed it based upon the special structure built on much experience as a blow molder, therefore our product must be far beyond your imagination with excellent workability!!
Kyoraku has already had many achievements including even Mega-Solar system.
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For owners of ponds or reservoirs

Although even only owning ponds or reservoirs requires the maintenance expenses, it is possible to install our floating solar power system on those sites.
You can keep utilizing the ponds or reservoirs just as they are without any effects, even after the solar power starts working, consequently your sites should become more useful properties.
In addition, the construction such as logging, uprooting and soil improvement is not necessary, which makes easy to return the sites to its original state even after 20 years.

For parties involved in EPC works for solar power

As you know, business environment for solar power on the ground has been changed greatly year by year, so you might have some anxieties about the future potential of it.
Kyoraku is sure to give you attractive proposals if you have an interest in our floating solar power system =”Minamo Solar System”!!
We hope to hear from you soon.


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construction example

Kyoraku has had many achievements already including even Mega-Solar system as following samples.





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