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Proposal of machinery related to food container manufacturing

  • food manufacturing plant
  • machine introduction

Company A 

The introduction of machines requires a large amount of investment.
Machine manufacturers and machine trading companies mostly propose standard products, and the reality is that they cannot choose the size and specifications of the machine.
Kyoraku proposes custom-made machines to customers who are having trouble with the above issues.

Make a machine according to the size of the customer's machine installation place

Most of the machines listed in catalogs are standard products with fixed sizes. In food manufacturing factories, it is necessary to secure passages for employees to pass through and waterways to be used for cleaning, etc., so the installation range of machines is extremely important and is an issue.
Company A consulted Kyoraku for the above problems, and manufactured and delivered a bottle alignment machine, a filling machine, and a shrink labeler machine according to the customer's machine installation location.

Bottle aligning machine
Shrink labeler machine

It can be manufactured at a low price because it does not add extra functions.

At Kyoraku, we also manufacture machines according to the customer's production volume and the functions to be used.
Company A received a positive response, saying, "By consulting with Kyoraku, we were able to introduce the machine at a much lower cost than standard products."

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