• Extrusion
  • profile extrusion
  • multilayer extrusion
  • Gas barrier property
  • Oxygen barrier
  • long product molding

What is extrusion

This is a molding method in which resin pellets supplied from a hopper are melted in a heating cylinder, kneaded with a screw, and extruded to continuously form moldings with a constant cross-sectional shape.

Advantages of extrusion

Point 01

Production of fixed cross-section products

Products with a constant cross-sectional shape can be produced stably and continuously.

Point 02

Laminate molding with different resins is possible

It is possible to extrude in a form in which different resins are layered, and it is also possible to add functions such as gas barrier properties to tubes.

Technology introduction


The resin pellets supplied from the hopper are melted in the heating cylinder, kneaded with a screw, and extruded to send the plasticized resin to the tip of the cylinder. After that, by extruding the resin according to the shape of the mold attached to the tip of the cylinder, it is a technology to continuously mold the product with the shape of the cross section. In many cases, it is then cut to the required length and used as a product.

Product examples

Soft packing material
conveyor divider

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