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Our company, KYORAKU CO., LTD., was established in Kyoto in 1917 (Taisho 6) under the name of KYORAKU REAL ESTATE CO., LTD. for the purpose of real estate development.
Since entering the plastics industry in 1947, we have accumulated over 70 years of experience and achievements.
During that time, the company name was changed from Kyoraku Kogyo Co., Ltd. to KYORAKU CO., LTD., Ltd. In recent years, the company has continued to make strides as a youthful and lively company, actively working to expand overseas.

September 1917 Established KYORAKU REAL ESTATE CO., LTD. (Capital: 1 million yen)
April 1947 Entered the plastics industry and established a trading department at the Kyoto Head Quarters and Kyoto sales office.
June 1949 Opened Osaka Sales Office
September 1951 Company name changed to KYORAKU KOGYO CO., LTD.
November 1957 Opened Nagoya Sales Office
February 1958 Established manufacturing department and opened Kyoto factory Opened Tokyo sales office
January 1965 Opened Fukuoka Sales Office
January 1969 Established Yamato factory
June 1970 Capital increased to 70 million yen
September 1970 Company name changed to KYORAKU CO., LTD., Ltd. Head Quarters moved to Osaka City
February 1972 Established Goka Plant
June 1972 Capital increased to 100 million yen
December 1980 Established Toyohashi Plant
August 1982 Capital increased to 200 million yen
April 1986 Established Ritto Plant
September 1996 Established NAFUKO in Thailand
April 1997 Established KBI in Indonesia
March 2002 Established Kusatsu Plant
June 2003 Established KMI in Indonesia
January 2004 Established TIANJIN KYORAKU PLASTICS CO., LTD.
April 2005 Established Tsuchiura Plant
July 2005 Established HONG KONG KYORAKU LTD.
October 2005 Established DONG GUAN KYORAKU PLASTICS CO., LTD.
March 2009 Capital increased to 225 million yen
November 2009 Established SHINKO KASEI KOGYO CO., LTD.
March 2010 Established KNP in the United States
June 2011 Capital increased to 250 million yen
September 2011 Established MKL in India
October 2012 Established Gifu Plant
March 2014 Established REPLUS CO., LTD.
April 2014 Established KYORAKU SIKA MACHINERY CO., LTD. in Taiwan
May 2015 Established Qingdao Ripro Trading Co., Ltd.
July 2017 Opened Kyushu Satellite Office
September 2017 Moved Head Quarters to Tokyo
August 2019 Opened Tohoku Satellite Office
June 2022 Tsuchiura new factory established
April 2024 Established Kyoraku Engineering Co., Ltd.