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President Message

We give shape to "your creative urge".

As a pioneer and comprehensive company in plastics, Kyoraku hopes to continue to be the best partner behind the scenes to support the realization of a better, environmentally friendly society (world) with its advanced proprietary technology and unique products created from it. increase.


KYORAKU CO., LTD., Ltd. was founded in September 1917 by Denzaburo Nagase in Kyoto as KYORAKU REAL ESTATE CO., LTD. Going back even further, in 1832 in the late Edo period, Urokogataya, which handled dyes in Nishijin, Kyoto, was the origin of the company.

In 1947, shortly after the war, we established a commercial division as the first distributor of domestically produced plastics in Japan and entered the plastics industry. After that, we learned blow molding technology from overseas, and proposed the mayonnaise squeeze bottle, which is now commonplace, to the largest mayonnaise manufacturer.


At Kyoraku, we have the mottos of “Pursuit of Speciality” and “Challenge for the Better”, and continue to work on improving and improving production technology and developing new technology, creating many patented technologies. The technologies and products created in this way have been highly evaluated and trusted by our business partners, and have enriched our lives.

Since Kyoraku is a B to B company, the general public may not be familiar with it. However, in fact, Kyoraku products are used in all aspects of life and society, such as food containers, packaging materials, medical and nursing care, automobile parts, housing materials, logistics materials, and floating solar power generation parts. As an unsung hero of the world, we support the lives of everyone behind the scenes.

Kyoraku in the future

Today, we are transitioning from an era of mass production and mass consumption to a sustainable society, and environmental issues are becoming more and more important. On the other hand, plastic is a convenient material that is indispensable in our lives, and we are required to get along with it more and more in the future.

Kyoraku has contributed to the solution of natural environmental and social problems, such as maintaining the freshness of food and cosmetics, improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles, and reducing the amount of plastic used, through technological capabilities cultivated through constant challenges. In the future, what can we do as a comprehensive plastics company with a long history and tradition? We will contribute to the realization of a comfortable and sustainable society by continuing to ask the question, sometimes from a broad perspective that does not concern plastics, and by continuing to create technologies and products that are friendly to people and the environment.

We hope to continue to be the best partner company in which the world and Kyoraku itself continue to prosper green like an evergreen tree.

Representative Director and President
Takamitsu Nagase