We give shape to "your creative urge".
Over 100 years old
Technology cultivated through history
Friendly to people and the global environment,
We contribute to the realization of a prosperous society.

with outstanding technology
Continue to produce functionality and added value
Pioneer/Comprehensive company of plastics

As a pioneer and comprehensive company in plastics, we respond to diverse needs and solve problems with our long history, accumulated experience and knowledge across multiple fields, and advanced technological capabilities backed by patents.

Features of Kyoraku

To the global environment and local communities
in the relationship
What Kyoraku can do

Kyoraku is a pioneer and comprehensive company in plastics. We are actively involved in the global environment and local communities with our rich experience, wide-ranging knowledge, and outstanding technological capabilities.

Environmental Initiatives

ProductsProduct information

In familiar places of life, "Actually, even in such a place ..."
We manufacture and sell plastic products in a surprisingly wide range of fields.
We also manufacture and sell the molding machines that make these products.

TechniqueTechnical information

With high technology backed by numerous patents,
We supply many familiar products that support our lives.

*1 FLP = Fabric Laminated Plastics
*2 TBM = Twin Blow Molding