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Vacuum forming

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What is vacuum forming

This is a molding method in which a thermoplastic resin sheet is heated and softened, then the sheet is sucked into a molding die and formed into a desired shape.

Advantages of vacuum forming

Point 01

Low cost of mold/Easy to handle small lot/Short mold production period

Since only one side of the mold is required, the cost of the mold, which accounts for the majority of the initial cost, is reduced, making it easier to handle small lots. It also shortens the mold production period.

Point 02

Easy to adjust product thickness

The thickness of the product can be freely adjusted by changing the thickness of the sheet.

Technology introduction

Vacuum forming

After heating and softening the thermoplastic resin sheet with a heater, the mold is brought into close contact with the sheet, the air between the mold and the sheet is exhausted with a vacuum pump, and the sheet is formed into the desired shape at atmospheric pressure. increase. After that, it is a molding method that cools and solidifies to obtain the product.

Product examples

unloader cover
harvester cover
Bulldozer cabin interior cover

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